Genetic consultation, and testing

Dr Chayim Schell-Apacik

Consultant Clinical Geneticist

Genetic Consultation and Diagnostics

I am happy to assist you with all questions you might have on genetic issues depending on your clinical symptoms, your family history, and previous medical findings. Genetic diagnostics and testing will not be performed without your consent. It is your decision to make and completely up to you whether to go ahead with the proposed genetic testing after the consultation.  All my services are available in English and German.

My professional background

I am a Consultant Clinical Geneticist who has been establishing his own private practice – Schell Genetics – based in London since December 2020. I also started to work as an honorary consultant at St George’s University Hospitals in London (NHS) in August 2021.

I have been working in genetics since 1990 specialising in Paediatric Genetics (childhood genetic disorders and syndromes) and have a sound knowledge in all aspects of clinical/ medical genetics.

Furthermore, I carried out research on inherited brain malformations, and had the opportunity of working as a research fellow in the Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia from 2000 to 2002. From 2005 to 2006 I had my own research project in the Children’s Centre in Munich/Germany.

Since 2007 I had my own Practice for Human Genetics in Berlin/Germany, before becoming the head of the Medicover Berlin-Westend Medical Care Unit. 

My areas of expertise

Because of my specialisation my areas of expertise are mainly Paediatric Genetics, Oncogenetics, Reproductive Genetics and Neurogenetics. But of course, I am happy to assist you with all questions you might have on any other genetic issues.

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