Online Genetic Consultation Services

A Genetic Consultation provides information for decisions on genetic testing

Our online genetic consultation services aim to assist patients in making informed choices concerning the disease in question, their health, or their child’s health, respectively. To what extent genetic consultations and diagnostics may be helpful depends on the particular disorder and the patients’ personal specific questions. .

Both will define the topics in the consultation and the kind of genetic testing proposed. In the event of information being obtained during the consultation pointing to additional genetic issues the patients haven’t been aware of yet, we will discuss their options. It remains the patients’ personal decision if and to which extend to proceed with a possible genetic diagnostic strategy.

We offer online genetic consultation services mainly for issues related to:

Of course, we are happy to assist patients with all questions they might have on any other genetic issues.

The online genetic consultation services include an initial video session with a consultant clinical geneticist as well as follow-up sessions on a case to case basis if needed, followed by a comprehensive Medical Genetics Report containing the most important topics of the consultation and the relevant findings, including all lab results.

Online Genetic Consultation Services
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