How does it work?

The procedure of the online genetic consultation

1. Enquiry:

You have registered an interest in an online genetic consultation. We are happy to assist you with all questions you might have on genetic issues. Please complete the contact form and we will come back to you.

2. Fill In Questionnaire:

Please fill in a questionnaire and provide as much information as possible in advance. Use the dedicated link we provide you in our correspondence with you to send your data securely.

3. Online Consultation:

After evaluating the submitted documents, you will receive a quotation and a link to schedule your online genetic consultation appointment.  After payment you will receive the link for the online session.

4. Send Blood Sample:

If you are interested in genetic testing after the consultation session, Schell Genetics will provide you with a quotations for the recommended lab tests as well as instructions for sample collection and sample dispatch, so the phlebotomist knows which tubes to use and how the sample needs to be processed.

5. Medical Genetics Report:

After completion of the genetic diagnostics you will be receiving a Medical Genetics Report with the most important topics of the consultation and the relevant findings including all lab results.

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